Mexican Street Corn - Esquites (As we call them In Mexico City) - How and when do we eat them


Esquites is a Mexican "Antojito" (Treat/Snack) with Mexican white corn (Not Not Not Yellow!) and Epazote. We Mexicans usually eat them in the afternoon and it is highly associated eating them in "el zocalo" or in the city center. They are ideal for the afternoon munchies and are absolutely delicious.

So picture going to have a walk in a traditional Mexican town with your family or friends walking, talking and eating a delicious Snack! Can you feel the warmth?

How do we usually Eat Them?

For Starters: We eat them warm

Generally in the street stall they offer you to add:

  1. Lemon (In Mexico we call them lemon to the green Limes)

  2. Mayo

  3. Grated Cheese (Cotija Style - its more for the eye than for the taste)

  4. Chile Piquin - 2 Options - The spicy one and the one that its only for the eyes (may be if you do not eat spicy this one also will be spicy!)

So for us mexicans going for a Esquites is more than eating Warm delicious corn. Its a walk with our loved ones, is a family gathering, its an excuse for felling unity and love.

From Mexico to the world with love!

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